3 Tips for Attracting Women with Magical Attitudes

For most guys who do research on attracting women, after many years of researching and studying the subject, we tend to all arrive in the end at the same conclusion. This one factor we have found to make the most difference when it comes to attracting women… Attitude.

Yes, I realize this might sound new-agey or kinda vague… But bare with me, it actually works out in the real world. I was once (many years ago) like you probably are right now. I scoured the internet trying to find things to say to women, where to meet women, how to ask them out. All this external stuff that… seems like it should matter. But then, after a decade of studying this stuff, I know it all comes down to just attitude.

You see, attitude is how you see women, and what your perspective on life, dating, sex is. Why is this important at all? Because how you see things is how you’ll come off as. Ever wondered what it is that makes one guy come off as creepy and annoying… and yet another guy comes off charming? Women just seem to want to hang onto his every word! And the funny thing is it doesn’t matter what he says. There’s just «something» about him, and he comes off. Well, that «something» is attitude.

How to get attitude

Well, attitude is actually something you can get. Just like you can have a complete transformation on the outside and get a new physique, a shiny new clothing style. You can do the same with your insides. Your attitude.

Style & Clothing

I know, I know… I was talking about working on the inside, and here I am now talking about clothes. But here’s how I approach clothes when it comes to attracting women. When I talk about clothing, I do not mean that you dress and obsess to impress women. No, I am actually talking about an attitude shift. Wear clothes that fit you well, are generally good quality clothes, and suit you well. If you don’t know what makes you look sharp, feel free to ask a female friend or relative to go shopping with you.

The reason you’re doing this is because you feel sharp-dressed, your attitude will change as well. You will stand taller, appreciate yourself more and come across as cooler. Now, of course, you could get this same effect when wearing completely torn clothes, but if you can use a short-cut, why not use it. We’re programmed by society to feel good when we’re well-dressed, so we do, we display an attractive, sharp, positive attitude.

Be the Social Dude

Ever heard how most women talk about «friends first»? It seems like wherever you see women discussing this, they say stuff like «aaah, if only men were friends first, instead of always hitting on us». And the on the other hand, you see guys who say these women are lying. I mean you literally have guys who tell you stuff like «Don’t listen to the women, they’re lying… being friends first never works».

So who’s telling the truth? Actually they both are, but they’re actually talking about different things. When the guy says it doesn’t work, what he tried was… he went and pretended to be a girl’s friend. He pretend to only like her as a friend, and literally acted out being her girl-friend. Of course it didn’t work!

What women mean by «friends first», is to let things happen naturally. Don’t try to hit on every woman in sight, and try to seduce every woman before you’ve even gotten to know her. Let me display this to you with an example.

I have two friends:

  1. Friend number one will go out, and when introduced to a girl he likes even a bit, he’ll start hitting on her until she either rejects him, or the finish up together. Most of the time, 29 out of 30 times he gets rejected of course.
  2. Friend number two will go out, and when introduced to a girl, he will just be social, fool around and socialize. He will then proceed to meet and introduce himself to a bunch of other women that night. He never sticks around any one girl for too long and just moves from one group to the next. He gives the women breathing space. When she decides that she’s interested, she starts flirting with him and showing signs first! He simply takes her up on her invitation and takes her home.

So what women mean when they say «be friends first», the don’t mean be her asexual buddy-buddy. What they really mean is don’t hit on me from the very moment you ever lay eyes on me.  Just be social first, until I show interest in something more. Until then be cool, calm and let things happen on their own.  The attitude you want to have is «Oh, I’m just socializing and being cool with meeting new girls».

You Want Me Girl

What I’ m about to reveal to you is maybe my biggest secret ever… I’m almost hesitant to write about this, but it works. When you read about this, you won’t believe it can be this simple… But…

You see, there’s an evolutionary glitch in women… They are programmed to recognize hot guys, by how hot the guy acts as. In other words, a guy who’s a celebrity in your country, can go into another country on vacation where no one knows him, and he’ll still draw female attraction and attention like crazy? Why? Because he walks around as if he’s «the shit». He literally has this shit-eating grin that says «I’m special».

Believe it or not, you can fake it and it works just as well! Let me tell you an example story.. In the past whenever I’d see a hot super-dressed girl on the street, I’d size her up and look at her, and what did she do? She either looked away or she pretended she didn’t notice me looking or she looked at the ground.

Now, when I look at a super-hot woman on the street, in the mall, in a cafe from a table across… The woman actually blushes, starts fiddling with and adjusting her hair and clothes and starts glancing back and forth in my direction.

What changed? Did I get plastic surgery to look like Brad Pitt? Nope… I just trained myself to believe in the «You want me girl» attitude. I genuinely believe and say to myself, as I look at her «Hmm, she looks potentially cute, is she good enough for me»? She notices this, and suddenly gets the need to feel submissive.

Now, you might be thinking, but how? How can this work? Considering you most likely don’t believe in telepathy (neither do I btw). We communicate our attitude through our body-language, our eye-contact, how we walk and how we talk. If you have the attitude of «every girl wants me», you will actually like it.

I know this sounds like it can’t possibly work, but what does it cost you to try it out huh? Just try it. Next time you’re around women, just for fun, throw in a bit of «I can have any woman I want» kind of an attitude. Notice how women treat you and react differently to you. You shall be amazed…