Breaking the Evil Cycle of Failure Part 2

A Lack of Focus

Many people experience what may be termed a career or business crisis in their day-to-day endeavours. Thus, they appear to lose focus about the type of career or business that they want to pursue in life.

In the case of students, they may start out studying a particular course, but as time goes on, they suddenly feel that the particular course that they were studying will”not do it for them”. So, they change to a different course. Some students have even been known to start out a different course altogether while in their final year at college.

Many people in business too express this same lack of focus. They try their hands at everything, often without having a complete knowledge of that particular business they are going into. They see other people doing the business and seem to be succeeding at the business or hear that the business”pays huge dividends”; so they plunge into it in much the same manner as a person who lacks a knowledge of swimming plunge into a swimming pool without any life-jacket on.

While commenting on this category of persons in his internet classic book, “Why People Fail”, the world-renowned author and head of Sitesell Inc., Ken Evoy stated, “This person gives up at the first or second obstacle. Ultimately, every project seems to have something wrong with it. Or the work is just”not worth it””. So, they try their hands at everything and quit at everything they try their hands on.

Additionally, after trying their hands at several things and they fail to achieve the desired result, these sort of people tend to become cynical of those who have succeeded in similar businesses or projects. They consequently develop an attitude problem and conclude that those successful persons must have a magic wand of success.

On the other hand, they accept failure as a part of their own personal lives and believe that the good luck that must be shinning on those who are successful will of a neccessity fail them on a good day. Yes, indeed, they come to expect failure as inevitable in their own lives.

Societal Conditioning and Labelling

The society is also partly to blame for perpetuating the evil cycle of failure in many people’s lives. How is this done? Simple. By societal conditioning and labelling.

Many people have been mentally conditioned and labelled with derogatory and unpleasant titles being attached to their family generations. And, quite often, such labels stick to such individuals like a second cloak or apparel that is difficult to pull off or remove like an indellible marker.

Hence, it is not uncommon to hear the following description made of certain people in a particular neighbourhood: “He is a thief, from a family of thieves!”

Or, “Oh, that’s Agnes, the whore! Did you know that her mother and her own mother before her used to hang around street corners waiting for men to pick them up for a pleasurable groovy ride?”
The derogatory description is often accompanied by a sneer and a look of utter disgust on the face of the person giving the often unsolicited”most valuable information”.

So too is failure. Many persons have been labelled with the unwholesome label of failure. “Oh, Sam! l always knew he would turn out a no-good!”Or, “A bum he has always been and a bum he will always be!”Or, “l am highly disappointment at you because you have never made a single decision that brought progress all your life!”

Is that not simply amazing and an unfounded generalization? But, as unbelievable as it seems, many people are conditioned and labelled by the society unjustly in this manner.

The Principle of Cause and Effect

lf you have read this article up to this point, it means only one thing – that you have not achieved your life-long ambitions and goals and you are yet to reach where you desire to be. But yourself, what is holding you back from achieving your goals and aspirations?

Ask yourself again: “who are my friends?”Who do you hang around and spend most of your time with? It is a common saying that birds of a feather flock together. So, who are your friends? Are they successful people with good motivational attitude and carriage?

In this wise, the holy book has this wise counsel at Proverbs 13: 20: “He that is walking with wise persons will become wise, but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly.”
Thus, in order to be successful at breaking the evil cycle of failure, you need to understand that the evil cycle of failure is fed on this fundamental principle of cause and effect. In other words, if you surround yourself with factors and individuals associated with failure, the end result can only amount to one thing – failure!

Consequently, success is not dependent on how brilliant or intelligent a person is, or on the level of a person’s spirituality, but on the fundamental principle of cause and effect.