Can You Marry A Prostitute

True Love Advice Articles Have you ever given thought to the following love relationship quiz: Can you marry a prostitute? Perhaps you have not. But, the reality facing everyone globally is that there is a certain proportion of our ladies who have taken to prostitution as a profession nowadays. It might surprise you to note too that the population of ladies taking up the unholy profession is growing at an alarming rate worldwide. However, if the matter is given careful consideration, the major reason for female prostitution is not difficult to comprehend. It is simply a reflection of a decadent society that has become morally bankrupt in every respect and proudly promote without any shame whatsoever those who would rather make money the ill-gotten and easy way to the old-fashioned way – through unrelenting hard work. On the other hand, there is no doubt about it whatsoever that prostitutes are rendering a social service to the society which has arose as a result of the ever-changing relationship scenarios among the sexes.

Would You Marry a Prostitute?

Now, suppose that you are in a public transport travelling from one place to another. Seating close to you in the public transport is a nicely dressed and attractive young lady. At first glance, you conclude that she is a student probably studying in one of the higher institutions in your country. The young face and the well-mannered disposition of the girl is simply too much for you. You are interested in getting to know her better and perhaps begin a relationship with her. You strike a conversation with her and what begin as a casual conversation soon metamorphose into a full-fledged relationship. Suddenly, you are contemplating getting married to her. But, unexpectedly, out of the blues, come a rude shock. Of all professions that she could be engaged in, she is a prostitute! What will you do? Will you go ahead and continue with your plans to get married to her or will you hurriedly put an end to the relationship?
Before you give a straight-forward answer, either “Yes” or “No”, to this question, please ponder over this matter for a little bit.

A Case for Prostitutes?

How do you define a”prostitute”? Well, if the understanding of a prostitute is”anyone who solicit favours or gratification, usually in cash, in exchange for sexual relationships”, then who is not a prostitute? Indeed, what percentage of the female folk can you term to be”decent”, “self-respecting”and”responsible”in terms of morality?
Additionally, is it only when a girl resides in a”female hostel”, where men who are interested in paying for sex can meet with her and strike a bargain, that a girl can be regarded as a prostitute? What if a girl resides with her parents or is in attendance in a higher institution as a student, but gets picked up and dropped off regularly by different men for financial gains? Does that make her any different from the regular prostitute? But, come to think of it, does the fact that a girl or lady sells her body for money make her a bad person? Does it? I do not think so at all. Some prostitutes can actually be well-mannered and of good behaviour. Remember that many prostitutes are engaged in the illicit business through no fault of theirs and the choice is entirely out of their hands. Similarly, many prostitutes are compelled to continue to carry on their unholy trade by subtle deception or outright coercion. On the other hand, I am not making a case for prostitutes. I am only stating the facts as objectively as they are.

Can I Marry a Prostitute?

But, can I marry a prostitute? Would I? Well, let us ruminate on this for a little longer. Supposing you find a very expensive and valuable piece of jewel, a stunningly beautiful diamond which has been dulled into being almost unrecognisable by the dirty and muddy surrounding wherein you found it, what would you do? Personally, I know what I would do. I would go to great lengths to ensure that I get possession of it, clean it up of all the dirt and mud and make it my own. Consequently, I can marry a prostitute on the following grounds:
For the sake of true love. If I rule out marriage to a prostitute, I would be limiting greatly my chances of finding true love, which as we have established is as elusive to find as a precious diamond.
If there is a strong resolve and willingness on her part to turn a new leaf for the better.

If there is sufficient evidence to back up her strong desire to change. In other words, she must give up, of her own free choice and without any prompting whatsoever, all vestiges of her erstwhile trade – which include her”hot line”and all other articles of her trade.

If she is of good character, highly submissive and yields easily to my leadership and control as her future husband and expresses the utmost respect and loyalty for my cycle of friends, relations and immediate family members.

Above all, if she has a good relationship atmosphere and has compatible qualities, attributes, goals and aspirations as myself.

Thus, based on the fulfilment of the above conditions to a satisfactory point, I can gladly marry a prostitute without experiencing any shame or regrets whatsoever and I would love her to death as I would love a woman that is very dear to my heart. After all, prostitutes are human beings too. Certainly, not all of them are bad – just as not all so-called”men of God”are actually men of God. Many are simply fakes and do not deserve to be called by that term. Hence, he or she who has no sin, let him or her cast the first stone. So, it is wrong to write off all prostitutes as being bad and unsuitable for marriage. I remember that I have mentioned again and again on this website that people hardly ever change. As a matter of fact, in my write-up on True Love Compatibility Test for Dating Couples, I stated that If there is any one single thing that is difficult to change in a person it is the deeply-entrenched personality traits that a person has picked up over time while growing up, either in his or her immediate neighbourhood or at school. Additionally, I also advised dating couples not to make the costly mistake of thinking that a person with unwholesome personality traits such as being an impulsive liar, a chain smoker, an alcoholic, a compulsive gambler who is indebted to almost all the loan sharks where he/she lives and, I would add here, a prostitute will change after marriage. Then I asked the rhetorical question: can a leopard change its skin? I eventually concluded by saying that only 5% – by my own personal estimation – do change. However, it should be noted here that my stand has not changed at all regarding the fact that only a highly insignificant number of persons actually change from the way that they have been accustomed to from childhood until adulthood. Indeed, there is no doubt that many folks have unrealistic expectations that their partners will change their undesirable personality traits after marriage. They often find out too late how unrealistic such expectations have been. For the avoidance of doubt and any ambiguity, therefore, if a partner has some undesirable personality traits and has expressed a strong desire to change, you should ensure that those changes are made many months and even years before you contemplate marriage to such a partner.

Can You Marry a Prostitute?

This is supposed to be a relationship quiz to get your responses on how you feel on the subject at hand. But, it appears that I have stolen the show completely. Do not mind me. It wasn’t intentional at all. It seems though that once I begin a highly contentious topic such as the one at hand, I never seem able to know when to stop. So, please, please, please, do not allow the views expressed above intimidate you against expressing yourself exactly the way you feel on this subject. The views expressed above are merely my own personal views. You are equally entitled to hold a different viewpoint as I am entitled to hold mine. So, I ask again. Can you marry a prostitute? Would you?
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