Childless Married Couples Part 2

The Embarrassment of Childlessness

One of the play out of this childless marriage scenario is the fact that the married couple in this unpleasant situation have sisters and brothers, friends and colleagues. Year after year, you receive different invitations for attendance at marriage ceremonies from friends and colleagues. And before the officiating minister finish pronouncing the couple getting married as husband and wife, the woman is already pregnant.

And before long, the same friends and colleagues who sent you invitations to attend their marriage ceremonies are at your doorsteps to invite you once again to attend the naming ceremonies and church dedication of their young child.

And, as if this is not enough, you also see your junior ones get married and start having children of their own. Yet, your spouse and you remain childless. How truly saddening this is!
And that is not counting the various orthodox and traditional medical centres that you must have attended to attempt to find a solution to your predicament. Plus, the numerous discomforting medical examinations and tests you must have undergone to attempt to find a lasting medical solution to the problem.

Similarly, that is not counting the numerous prayer and deliverance sessions couples in this scenario must have attended at their church to find a spiritual solution to the problem.

Another aspect to the saddening scenario worth considering is the valuable time, as well as the emotional and psychological stress that the childless couple goes through on a daily basis. What a pitiable situation!

And, finally, that is not counting the huge sums of money you must have spent on all the bills you incurred in the process of searching out a solution to the problem; whereas all the efforts that you expended amounted to naught and failed to yield any fruitful results.

At times like these, you may simply yield to despair and self-pity while you ask the age-old question, “Dear God, why us? What is our offence?”

Indeed, a couple who has stayed together despite being childless for so long – as the one highlighted in this write-up – truly and surely deserves an award!

I do not know for how long that you have been married without a child. But has it been up to 22 years? Though l am not saying that your own case will be as identical to this one, but this true life experience is certainly enlightening in many respects.