Cyber Dating – What to Say and What Not to Say

After creating an account in an online dating site, uploaded the best picture and made a good but real self-description, what’s next? Of course, it’s time to browse various interesting profiles and start to send your personal message. When the receiver likes your message, he or she would send a reply and it’s up to you how to handle the communication lines. One sure advice is to be yourself and the other is being aware of the things to say and not to say in your conversations. Below are some examples.

Don’t say: “Hi, you really look gorgeous; I’m sure will have great offspring.” 

This will turn off your chances in receiving a response because your message only shows that you are only interested with sex. Your communication lines must start with getting to know each other well. Avoid jumping into topics like marriage immediately. If you’re a man, let the woman tackle the topic first. Most women are interested of you as a person and how you handle difficult situations in life. While most men are after the capability of a woman to take good care a family.

Do say: “I really love to take care of sick people.”

Put emotions in your statement. Instead of saying that you are a nurse, tell it that way. You have to paint some story in your statements and try it to be entertaining but do not force it. Do not give a dry answer just for the sake of giving a quick response as well. Inject some energy in your conversations to make a light atmosphere so that both of you can be more comfortable.

Don’t say: “We really click to each other.” Or “I wanted a relationship asap, I’m desperate!”

This is some of the worst pick up lines that many online members use. In the first place, all of you are strangers to each other and building a good foundation for a relationship takes time so do not expect to gain good chemistry that quick. Respect your prospect partner’s personal space.

Do say: “I want a blue-eyed girl that wears a cute smile!”

Be quite specific with the type of person you’d actually want to meet. You don’t want to waste your time in communicating with people whom in the end would not be a good match for you. It is in online dating where you can deliberately express what you wanted to a person that would soon be your spouse.

Certainly, there are things that you have to consider before sending a message to the person that you like. If you don’t receive any response at all, move on but assess which part of your message is not good enough. Always show interest in having a deeper relationship but do it in a positive and timely manner. The success of finding a compatible partner greatly depends on how you handle yourself and your words. In this world of online dating, it is your words that will do the wonders and your looks will just complement.