How To Attract A Woman On The Street

Ok, let’s just be honest here. I bet there’s a whole bunch of women that you see in daily life, on the street, that you’d love to meet. Now, instinctively you know it should be possible. You’ve also either seen a friend do it, or heard about it being done. You know its possible, but how do you go about attracting women on the street?

Well, after a full decade of dealing with this subject, I’m about to reveal to you some of the most important secrets about attracting women on the streets. You see, there are a few crucial things you need to know about the streets.

Women are afraid

By far the biggest obstacle in more guys attracting more women in the streets is the fear women have in these parts. Now, of course most of this fear is unjustified and irrational. The odds of something bad happening to a woman by simply walking the streets are smaller than any random accident of  any kind. Yet women have been so scared way from meeting strangers in public, that they’re very defensive and guarded in the streets

Solution – All is not lost though, do not be afraid. 

You can meet women in these places, and its actually simple and easy if you know just one trick. What is this trick then? Don’t be a stranger! What do I mean by this crazy sounding idea? Well, women are almost like emotional sponges. They feed off of and follow your energy. If you act all anxious and like talking to a stranger, she’ll get guarded and defensive. If you approach her like you’ve known her for years, she’ll be attracted, positive and open.

So just try my trick, and literally convince yourself the woman is an old friend. Run up to her and say hi like you know her from somewhere. And just continue chit-chatting like you two are acquaintances. You will be amazed how attracted she is to you. Your courage and finesse will blow her attraction to sky high levels.

Its a numbers game, just like everywhere else, but even more so here!

Now, attracting women is always a numbers game. If you go into some social circle with some 10 girls, pure numbers-game states you will only attract 2-3 of those girls. No matter what you do, or how long you get to know these women, you will never attract more than that. Now, the streets are similar… except the numbers are even worse. On the street, you’re happy if you can attract on in 10 women!

Solution – Find a strategy that makes the numbers game easy for you.  You see if you can’t beat it, join it. If you know that you will never attract more than 1 in 10 or even 1 in 20 random women on the street. You have to make this a part of your strategy. When you’re approaching these women, your outcome and goal has to be somewhat different. Just–Be–Social. That’s it! Don’t try to hit on them (on the streets this is seen as especially aggressive by some). Do not try to pick them up (yet). Just be social and say hi. That’s it.

You see. That one girl who happens to be interested in you, will readily show interest in you and let you know, if she sees you as the cool social guy who just says hi to everyone. And again, this is key, you want to be saying hi and small-talking to everyone. The granny next to you on the bus, the woman standing next to you on the supermarket aisle. The mom with a kid hailing a cab. Just be social with everyone. What will then happen, is that when a hot, cute woman walks by, you’ll just initiate socialization with her like she’s just the next person you’re talking to. You won’t even think about it, and you will be completely smooth and natural about.

And guess what? When you’re smooth and natural, that’s extremely attractive to women!