How To Attract Men-Guides And Advices

As you set out on your mission to find a man worth keeping, you’ll want to keep in mind that you’re not alone in your quest. There are plenty of single men who, like you, are searching for a good partner. They’ve had their share of negative experiences with substandard women, and are looking for the right woman who will balance them in a loving relationship. With a little effort, you can stand out in the crowd. When you get his attention he’ll notice that you’re heads above the rest which will pique his interest. With any luck, you’ll discover the two of you are compatible in all the important areas, and you’ll build a relationship that will last. How to attract men?

Factors that are important


Proper grooming is half the battle in looking as beautiful as possible. Even logical things like showering regularly, styling your hair, wearing makeup, and keeping your nails trimmed all add up to an appealing image. You need to be clean and groomed every time you leave the house (whether for a date, or the possibility of running into someone at the coffee shop or shopping for groceries).


In general, men are interested in women who are reasonably physically fit and take care of their bodies. Get on the scale, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) using a free online BMI calculator, and hit the gym if your BMI is overweight or obese. Shoot for a minimum of a 30-minute walk five days a week. If you can handle it, take on more exercise as you’ll feel more confident and look better in clothes.

Personal Style

Many women wear unflattering clothing for their body shape. You’ll want to go through your wardrobe and eliminate anything that looks tacky or doesn’t fit well. Get advice from a style-conscious friend who knows how to dress well, or research style tips online.

Four Easy and Practical Tips on How to Dress To Attract Men

Sex Appeal

While you might have always focused on looking professional, this is the time to add a little va-va-va-voom to your style. Men want to see a hint of sexuality in the way you dress, hold yourself, and how you present your femininity. So you’ll need to choose ways to broadcast your sexuality without being too overt. Once you’ve become a more attractive woman, you need to know how to get a man’s attention, keep his attention, and then nurture his interest into a flourishing relationship.

The 15-Minute Challenge

According to a survey, men give you 15 minutes to impress them before they decide if they want to move on (or the adage, «they’re just not that into you»). The average woman makes this same judgment in about an hour’s time, which means you’ve got 15 minutes to catch his eye and convince him you’re worth his attention. Therefore, you need develop a strategy on how to attract men ahead of time to prepare for the «challenge,» supplemented with a backup plan if you’re lucky enough to get more than the initial 15 minutes.

How To Know If A Man Is Attracted To You

Eye Contact

Women tend to look away when they notice a man is looking at them. Since men are especially attuned to visual cues, they’ll notice if you establish eye contact and hold their gaze. Men often say they find a woman’s eyes to be the most beautiful part of their physical appearance, so they’re surprised and flattered if you maintain eye contact for 30 seconds or longer. Of course, you shouldn’t stare. But you will want to master the sincere, interested, long gaze followed by coy sideways glances. Smile genuinely, then look at the man intently as you ask him questions about himself, or listen to him as he tells a story.

Today’s modern woman wanting to know how to attract men may find this ridiculous or difficult (especially since she’s been taught to shake hands like a man in a meeting). But the art of flirting hasn’t changed for thousands of years, as it appeals to the base sexuality in men and women. Try it, you might like it, and it’ll strike at the core of your femininity. There’s absolutely nothing to lose (except maybe a false eyelash), and a great deal to gain!

Body Language

Remembering that men are visual by nature, you’ll need to assume the correct body language. Uncross your arms, slowly lean towards the man you’re talking to, touch his arm or hand from time-to-time, and sit or stand in unthreatening positions. Unclenched hands, uncrossed legs, and casual stances (without putting your hands on your hips, which is defensive) tell him you’re open, warm, and comfortable. And will give him signals that you’re open to a possible relationship.

Tidbits on How to Attract Men with Your Body Language

Come-Hither Communication

You need to make a good first impression. So smile, laugh, make jokes, ask intelligent questions, and act like you already know him and are happy to see him. If you act like you’re good friends, he will relax and engage in come-hither communication (you don’t have to be one of his buddies, but a man feels at ease when he’s comfortable with a woman who’s comfortable with him). Chances are he’ll want to spend more time with you. You’ll also want to show him you’re a sexually appealing woman. Being in a loud venue is a perfect excuse to whisper in his ear, or lean close so he can smell your intoxicating perfume, and place your hand on his shoulder or forearm for a brief second. Don’t be afraid to compliment his muscular shoulder or bicep, or how strong you think his jaw or hands are. This kind of light banter and flattery will make him want to be with you all the more.

How To Attract Men Online Dating

Go Solo, or Have «Wing» Friends With You

You’ll have the best success if you go to social events alone (scary!), or with two or more «wing» friends. Then you can focus 100% on the man while your friends talk to each other. You can enhance your approachability by chatting up the bartender, waiters or waitresses, which shows a man you’re easy to talk to. Of course, you’ll want to stop talking to the bartender and focus on the man once he gets up the courage to talk to you. Hopefully this guide will help you find the inspiration and know-how to make your dreams come true. Mr. Right is out there and may be looking for you. So open your heart and let the search begin!