How to Master Alpha Male Body Language and Use Body Language to Attract Women: Part 1

Body language is a key component in effective communication and is a crucial part of attracting women. Knowing the importance of using body language to attract women, it is now important that you learn about alpha male body language and how to use it to your advantage.

Your demeanor and actions make up about 90% of your communication, which basically means that what you say and what you do might not always line up perfectly – and what you do is going to win out over what you say. Since we know that having a consistently strong physical presence is crucial to your success when flirting, it’s time for you to learn how to use non-verbal cues to increase your success with the opposite sex.

You will want to hone every aspect of your body language, including everything from your posture to the look in your eyes, to make sure that you are giving off the best possible impression. Let’s begin by covering some basics of alpha male body language and how to use body language to attract women.


Your posture tells the world quite a bit about you, including how confident you are and your general demeanor. Women will look at your posture to pick up clues about who you really are in relation to what you might be saying, so ensuring proper posture is a key component in alpha male body language.

Think back to everyone’s favorite depressed donkey, Eeyore. Winnie the Pooh’s gloomy friend constantly had slouched shoulders, a slow gait and a sullen look in his eyes. This is how we always knew he was sad, long before he ever mentioned whatever was bothering him on that particular day. Now, think about guys who have that sort of posture. Do you think any women in their right minds are going to be attracted to that? Nope.

Life is tough enough when we are dealing with our own stuff, no one wants to be around people who lack confidence or are always depressed. But, knowing this, you can work on your posture as part of learning how to use body language to attract women.

Alpha male body language can be as simple as just standing with your feet apart and making sure you don’t have your arms crossed (which shows that a person is guarded). Your arms should be loosely hanging at your sides with your hands outside of your pants pockets. Guys who find this difficult can try hooking their thumbs through their belt loops, while pointing their fingers towards their crotch. This is an easy way to help get over wanting to have your hands in your pockets all of the time.

In order to pull off alpha male body language you have to act like an alpha male. This means taking up space with a broad stance when you are in a group or standing in a crowded area. Weak guys allow their space to be infringed upon by others; alpha males don’t. When you are sitting down, lean back and spread out your arms on the back of the chair. Again, this allows you to take up more physical space and is a big part of alpha male body language.


Since you can’t just sit or stand around showing off your awesome posture all of the time, it is also important for us to address how to use your body language to attract women while walking.

Walking can be a bit tricky, because you really need to learn a happy medium between too fast and too slow. If you walk too quickly, you can easily come across as anxious, nervous or stressed out. If you walk too slowly, you can appear sluggish and depressed. We don’t want either one of those. So, what you need to do is adopt a walking style and speed that exudes confidence, commands attention and makes women feel comfortable in your presence.

To do this, you need to hold your head up, don’t look at the ground, keep your shoulders down and back, and walk with purpose.

Remember, how you move across the room says something about you, so practice getting your smooth, relaxed, confident walk down as part of honing your skills to use your body language to attract women.