How to Master Alpha Male Body Language and Use Body Language to Attract Women: Part 2

As we have discussed before, you should use body language in the right way to attract females.

Eye Contact

You can learn a lot about someone simply by how they look at you and the eye contact they do – or do not – maintain. Proper eye contact is a key component of flirting and showing women that you are confident and self-assured. Alpha male body language dictates that you show your dominance through appropriate use of eye contact.

To learn how to use eye contact while flirting, you should get used to the three-second rule, which dictates that when you make eye contact with a woman, you hold it for three seconds. A shorter span of time will make you look like you aren’t confident, and a longer span of time will make you look creepy. That’s why you want to make sure you hold her gaze for three seconds before breaking eye contact. This will show that you are a confident, dominant male and will also indicate your interest in her.

If you are shy and this sounds too difficult, remember that she won’t know the difference if you are actually looking at her eyebrows or the bridge of her nose, instead of into her eyes.

One more thing to keep in mind: Keep your eyes above the neck. You will only come across as hugely creepy if she catches you checking out her butt or breasts.


Smiling is a big part of flirting, and it is critical that your smile looks genuine and welcoming. Body language experts have proven that it’s pretty easy to tell if someone’s smile is fake, so make sure you practice yours in the mirror to ensure you are coming across as genuine. For example, fakers rarely smile with their eyes as well as their mouth, and smiles that aren’t genuine often don’t show any teeth. Make sure your eyes crinkle and your pearly whites are showing as you are practicing that winning smile.


Learning to use proper tone and pacing when speaking is another important part of perfecting alpha male body language. You should speak slowly and with deliberation, and should always be sure to pause between sentences. Don’t interrupt others, unless you really want to look like you completely lack confidence. And, keep in mind that arrogance is a huge turn off; know when to shut up.


Touching can be quite a touchy subject. Remember, you first have to use your body language to attract women, and then gain their trust and get past their initial defenses and barriers before partaking in any touching.

After that, you want to begin to show your interest in being more than just friends and help her get comfortable with you touching her by starting off with small, completely non-sexual touching. For example, placing your hand on the small of her back after you open the door for her or lightly touching her forearm when you are telling her about an idea you have is a great way to start. Stay away from areas that are even remotely sexual to make sure you don’t come across as a creepy pervert.

Some Final Words on Using Body Language to Attract Women

Guys who were not graced with male-model looks are successful with women all of the time. Why is this? Because they have mastered alpha male body language and know how to use that body language to attract women.

Body language is your key to conveying your interest and coming across as confident and masculine. Therefore, it really cannot be emphasized too much. When you couple alpha male body language with a well-kept appearance and an interesting personality, you can easily come across as sexy, confident and attractive to just about any woman